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September 14, 2020

The Best Long Range Sniper Rifles

Be it games or movies, we have all come across snipers and how they carry out their mission with ease. By placing themselves at specific locations, these individuals eliminate their targets and complete the entire process. But what do they use? Which are some of the best long-range sniper rifles in the market? Since these questions are a few of the common ones that could pop up in the mind of an enthusiast, we are here to provide you with some information. So go ahead and check out the best long-range sniper rifles.

British Accuracy International AW50 Sniper Rifle

Equipped with a longitudinally-sliding mechanical bolt and covering a maximum range of 2 km, this particular sniper is quite famous for being one of the best. The huge receiver that it holds tends to have thick walls that are well equipped for the task of withstanding loads while it is being fired using ammunition with a caliber of 50 BMG. Thanks to its high accuracy and long lethal range, this rifle is a commercially successful one that is also used by the special forces of Australia and the UK.

British L96A1 Sniper Rifle

Created in the UK in 1982, this sniper rifle has managed to set a world record for the range of defeat in a targeted shooting that was known to be 2475 meters. Moreover, the rifle comes equipped with a striking range of firing at 1.5 km, making its market value about $10,000. While that figure seems to be expensive, there is not much one can do when they are going to buy a weapon like the British L96A1. But if your preference lies with hunting gear, then you need to check out IBC7 Outdoors because they have all the information one needs.

Russian Orsis T-5000 Sniper Rifle

Designed by private Russian company Promtekhnologii, the Russian Orsis T-5000 sniper is distinguished by longitudinal sliding. With the barrel being made of stainless steel, it is created using tapestry planning technology, and one will always love the outcome. The rifle is also rotary and locks onto two combat stops, thus moving ahead to make matters meet. As a result, with this sniper, one can get all they need and even move forward to achieve the impossible.


Apart from these three names, one will also come across the US Barrett M82 Sniper rifle and the US CheyTac M200 Intervention sniper rifle as they are also a part of the best. By looking into range and other essential features, these weapons are known to be quite dangerous and can eliminate the target within a matter of time. Hence, that was our list for the best long-range sniper rifles.

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December 17, 2022

What To Expect In Your NDA Coaching

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Career, Military
October 28, 2022

Legit Ways To Obtain Military Service Certificate

The Military service certificate is a document that details how much time a person spends in military service. To get this document, you would have to turn over all of the paperwork issued to you by your commanding officer, such as pay records, leave and earnings statements, service cards, and so on. You may not […]

March 5, 2022

Treatment Options For Anyone With Joint Problems

If you are suffering from joint pain and want to know more about the different types of treatment available on the market, then this is a look at some of your options. 1. Home Treatment The first step in the right direction is to avoid putting too much strain on your joints. The knees, back […]

August 11, 2020

How to Become a Better Hunter

Hunting is a pursuit that is physically, spiritually, and aesthetically edifying. The technique of hunting is an assortment. One may hike up the mountain to pursue his prey and afterward carry the meet downhill; another may proceed in his vehicle and convey back the meat with no sweat. Just how it works with the rest of our life, we reap what we sow – the same principle applies in hunting.

Have you gone through the painstaking process of crashing your bike while you were learning how to ride? This exact notion applies in hunting as well. To err is human, so you are bound to miss those few shots! The bizarre experience of that adrenaline pumped while you are alone in the hills with that wild animal adjacent to you sure is an escapade!

Know It All

Know It All

I’m not talking about any college degree, but acclimatize yourself with your modus operandi. By this, I mean, you should learn the smart way from other people’s blunders. Do your homework via books, or podcasts, or even hunting videos. Most crucial is to remember that you are your best instructor. So, you learn best from your own experience of a misplaced shot because you were in a hurry. Learn the hard way and come up with a strategy of your own.

Be an Adept

You might be gifted with this skill from being a toddler because one of your parents was too good at this. But that’s a slim possibility, and most of them acquire this skill with sheer perseverance. For instance, by practicing shooting, or keeping your body fit for a hunt. Meanwhile, it is also vital that you nurture your mistakes by viewing it is an opportunity for improvement. Let those mistakes not define you, but let it fashion you to be the better you.

Now, Let Lady Luck Take Charge

Another essential component is your savour of luck. Luck here refers to the telepathy with your prey, hoping that the victim does what you exactly need it to do before you take that one shot. It is also about placing you at the right spot at the exact time.


Be Prepared for the Worst

Load all the adequate stuff you will be needed, and make sure to be prepared for the worst. So, stack in not just the necessities but pack a little extra, including your first aid kit. Make sure that your hunting equipment is in its best condition, and inform your close ones where you will be at and by what time they can expect you back.

Hunting should not be just an activity but rather a passion that grips you. The ambience of unwinding uphill at the crack of dawn, with that first beam igniting your bone and soul, is a celestial feeling.

August 3, 2020

The History of Hunting

Hunting had been an element of human life from time immemorial, dating back to three million years ago. The inequitable right to land ownership during the Middle Ages hunting was an entitlement solely to the aristocracy. The French Revolution had homogenized hunting substantially, which ushered havoc to the forest ecosystem. But presently, a new vision has come to light – a recreational activity – taking into account the protection of wildlife and the environment.

The Transfiguration: Requisite to Respite

Humans have progressed immensely from a nomadic lifestyle, and the nourishment received from cadavers into devising modern strategies for the same. Our ancestors formulated hunting strategies with the aid of primitive weapons and manoeuvre. For them, hunting was a necessary evil. Hunting was not only the means of food, but also the other incentives included clothing from the skin, and implements using bones, or horns. They possessed diversified weapons from sticks and stones to hunt birds to clubs and sticks like African knobkerry; to spears, bows, and arrows – the omnipresent weapon, to the most lethal weapon – blowgun. But the development of agriculture relegated hunting to an ancillary role to protect crops and livestock.

Hunting soon

Hunting soon altered from a necessity to a prerogative of the nobility. In Egypt, the hunters were from a particular class, showering them with a social significance. The generals in charge of armies could demonstrate their competence as warriors through hunting with a gun – find out more about guns. Being summoned to go poaching with the king was the epitome of prestige.

In France, during the Renaissance period, a new way of life emerged – hunting with the hounds. A royal ordinance in 1515 forbade the common man, the right to hunt, viewing it as a squander on the time they had to spend on their agricultural land. The French Revolution should be acclaimed for the autonomy enabled in hunting, though the hierarchy still existed to an extent.

In the 19th century, with the Industrial Revolution’s genesis, large farms became the trendsetter, and hunting was relegated to a part-time activity. However, the epoch of criticism for hunting as a sport is witnessed in the previous two centuries, enabling regulations for the protection of endangered species. North America, Africa, Asia, South America are those places where the gun was a weapon of security and sustenance.

Even so, in the 19th century, with the extinction of passenger pigeons and bison in North America, restrictions were laid for the protection of wildlife ecosystems. State and national laws made it mandatory for hunters to possess license along with a fixed kill limit being laid. Wildlife conservation became a reality in 1860 in India, at the end of the 19th century in Africa, early years of the 20th century in North America, and after World War II in Europe.