August 11, 2020

How to Become a Better Hunter

Hunting is a pursuit that is physically, spiritually, and aesthetically edifying. The technique of hunting is an assortment. One may hike up the mountain to pursue his prey and afterward carry the meet downhill; another may proceed in his vehicle and convey back the meat with no sweat. Just how it works with the rest of our life, we reap what we sow – the same principle applies in hunting.

Have you gone through the painstaking process of crashing your bike while you were learning how to ride? This exact notion applies in hunting as well. To err is human, so you are bound to miss those few shots! The bizarre experience of that adrenaline pumped while you are alone in the hills with that wild animal adjacent to you sure is an escapade!

Know It All

Know It All

I’m not talking about any college degree, but acclimatize yourself with your modus operandi. By this, I mean, you should learn the smart way from other people’s blunders. Do your homework via books, or podcasts, or even hunting videos. Most crucial is to remember that you are your best instructor. So, you learn best from your own experience of a misplaced shot because you were in a hurry. Learn the hard way and come up with a strategy of your own.

Be an Adept

You might be gifted with this skill from being a toddler because one of your parents was too good at this. But that’s a slim possibility, and most of them acquire this skill with sheer perseverance. For instance, by practicing shooting, or keeping your body fit for a hunt. Meanwhile, it is also vital that you nurture your mistakes by viewing it is an opportunity for improvement. Let those mistakes not define you, but let it fashion you to be the better you.

Now, Let Lady Luck Take Charge

Another essential component is your savour of luck. Luck here refers to the telepathy with your prey, hoping that the victim does what you exactly need it to do before you take that one shot. It is also about placing you at the right spot at the exact time.


Be Prepared for the Worst

Load all the adequate stuff you will be needed, and make sure to be prepared for the worst. So, stack in not just the necessities but pack a little extra, including your first aid kit. Make sure that your hunting equipment is in its best condition, and inform your close ones where you will be at and by what time they can expect you back.

Hunting should not be just an activity but rather a passion that grips you. The ambience of unwinding uphill at the crack of dawn, with that first beam igniting your bone and soul, is a celestial feeling.

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