October 28, 2022

Legit Ways To Obtain Military Service Certificate

The Military service certificate is a document that details how much time a person spends in military service. To get this document, you would have to turn over all of the paperwork issued to you by your commanding officer, such as pay records, leave and earnings statements, service cards, and so on. You may not be aware of it but obtaining a Military Service Certificate is possible with some legwork. View source to know how to get one or below are some ideas for obtaining the certificate without having to do too much work yourself or relying on others.

1. Contact your commanding officer

Most people involved in military service are sent to a military base. Usually, this is a large base where military members go to await orders. However, some units operate outside of bases, and your commanding officer may be the person that you want to talk to. Ask your advisor if he can ask him directly for the necessary paperwork. If not, you will have to contact him by phone or in person. This can be done over email or through letters; there are no set requirements for communication methods such as phone calls and letters.

2. Complete your online application form.

The Department of Defense has a website devoted exclusively to obtaining your military information. Simply go to the site, fill out the form and submit it. The website will then contact you for more information if necessary. This is an informal method for obtaining your military service certificate, but it does provide specifics about your service time, including dates and locations of different assignments.

3. Search the internet

Several websites claim to offer official military records and certificates online. These certificates can be a useful addition to your resume, especially if there is a need for verification of military service. Make sure to search for one from the Department of Defense site soyou can obtain an official document.

4. Check with Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs handles claims from many veterans, and you may be able to get your certificate from them, assuming you have already applied for compensation or services. There are always forms and paperwork involved when dealing with the VA, so make sure you understand any rules they may have, or may not be able to help you.

5. Go to the appropriate branch of the military

Each armed forces branch has a historical office where they keep records of past military service. This is not a great option, however, since they are not required to offer information to you, and many branches do not even have an office that can help you.

6. Speak with a private investigator

A private investigator can be a useful resource when looking for official documents related to past work in the military, especially when there are many people and forms involved. A private investigator does not have to be well versed in the nitty-gritty details of military records. Still, they should know how to obtain details about your time in service and work with the Department of Defense and Military Branches.


The military service certificate is a useful asset for anyone who has been in the military and is looking to positively highlight their past time serving on their resume. Although possible, obtaining such a document from your commanding officer is preferable and will provide more detailed information than what is available online.

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