AM/FM/CD-R/RW Boombox Hidden Camera

AM/FM/CD-R/RW Boombox Hidden Camera
Brand: Mini Gadgets, Inc
Product Code: ST-HC-BOOMBOX
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Color Wireless Camera:

Color Wired Camera:

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Your own functional and attractive AM/FM/CD-R/RW Boombox with a 'Hidden Spy Camera' secretly inside to covertly capture plenty of video evidence.

Base price of this camera is for wired black & white. Check out our wired or wireless hidden camera options in this fully-functional portable AM/FM radio with CD player/recorder. Boombox records audio from a CD, the radio or built-in microphone. 2 way power: AC/DC or 6 D batteries. CD player is fully programmable with repeat and plays all music compact discs, CD including CD-R/RW.

Our standard wireless range is 1000 feet. Shop around and compare!


  • Wireless cameras include FREE 2.4 GHz receiver (a $160.00 value). Most wireless cameras are only able to transmit video approximately 300 feet. Our 2.4 GHz transmitters can transmit video up to 1000 feet. Our high powered 2.4 GHz option can transmit video up to an additional 1000 feet for a total of 2000 feet.
  • All necessary power supplies and battery packs are included.


Black and white cameras feature .003 Lux which allows best possible images in almost complete darkness. (One Lux equals the light of a candle at one meter) Camera does require some ambient lighting (night light, television).

Image Sensor: 1/3" Sony CCD (B/W) 1/4" CCD (Color)
Resolution: 400 Lines(B/W) 380 Lines(Color)
Min. Illumination: .003 Lux (B/W) 1 Lux (Color)
Lens: 3.7mm Wide Angle
Power Required: 12 V DC/110V AC


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ST-HC-BMBOX-W B&W Wired Camera (Base Price)


ST-HC-BMBOX-G B&W Wireless Camera


ST-HC-BMBOX-WC Color Wired Camera


ST-HC-BMBOX-GC Color Wireless Camera


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